BIll Steppan

Bill Steppan is the training coordinator at Tri-Technical Systems Inc. He has been with the company for 14 years, with his prior roles in the company including Support Technician, Support Manager, and Account Manager. Over the years, he has earned the moniker of "Professor Tri-Tech" for his expertise in how all the many modules in AIMsi tie together and how they can be best applied to the stores that utilize the program. His courses of study include business law and management, financial and managerial accounting, and computer information systems.

Bill has always felt that it's vital to take a human-centric approach to any training program, and makes sure that fundamental aspects such as terminology and process flow are understood before approaching the finer details of any system. His webinar series exemplify this by breaking down each module into basic, advanced, and revenue-generation courses, as well as focusing on inventory management and accounting principles.

A Chicago native, he now resides in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife of 3 years. They have two corgis and their first daughter is due in November. He tinkers with various projects in his spare time, ranging from building/refurbishing computers, re-wiring the electric in the kitchen, and world domination.

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