Daniel Jobe

Daniel Jobe is an accounting and tax services professional with an expertise in music retail accounting and operations consulting. He has 12 years of both music retailing and financial advisory services.

Currently employed as a music industry accountant and consultant with the certified public accounting firm of Friedman, Kannenberg, & Company, PC ("FKCo"), located in Farmington, Connecticut, Daniel speaks on various financial topics for NAMM, consults to music industry clients, and is dedicated to educating the music products retailing industry on pertinent financial matters.

Prior to joining FKCo, Daniel was employed by Palen Music Center, Inc. of Springfield, Missouri, where he spent six years as their Chief Operating Officer and Financial Controller. Daniel brings a vast knowledge of music store accounting, operations, financing and taxation to his firm's clients, having played both an internal and external advisory role to music retailers located across the United States.

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